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Sleep Apnea Therapy – Texas City, TX

Sleep Easy &
Stop Snoring

Tired man in need of sleep apnea therapy

On the next visit to your dentist, sleep apnea dentistry is a topic you should discuss if you have been diagnosed with this dangerous sleep disorder. An appointment with Dr. Stephen C. Hale for sleep apnea therapy in Texas City, TX may provide some relief for those patients who have tried other options without success.

Why Choose Stephen C. Hale, DDS for Sleep Apnea Therapy?

  • Custom Sleep Appliances for Each Patient
  • More Comfortable Alternative to CPAP Therapy
  • Can Stop Even Severe Snoring

What is Sleep Apnea?

Frustrated woman in bed next to snoring man with sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is a condition that causes people to stop breathing in their sleep, depriving the body of oxygen for 10-20 seconds at a time. Breathing cessation can occur hundreds of times during a single night, disrupting sleep cycles, and leaving a patient chronically sleep deprived. Sleep apnea dentistry can help. Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder, and as such, should be diagnosed in a sleep clinic. While your condition cannot be diagnosed by your dentist, they are able to treat it with sleep apnea dentistry.

Sleep Apnea Treatment

Woman sleeping peacefully thanks to sleep apnea treatment

Your doctor or a sleep disorder specialist may suggest simple changes, such as weight loss or something more aggressive like Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) therapy, a facemask worn while sleeping that blows a stream of air into your throat in an effort to keep the airway open. If these options prove unsuccessful for you, you should talk to Dr. Hale. As a sleep apnea dentist, Dr. Hale offers oral devices that can prevent the blockage of the airways. With his help, sleep apnea symptoms may be ameliorated with a simple oral appliance.