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Periodontal Disease Treatment – Texas City, TX

How We Save Smiles From Gum Disease

Young man with healthy smile after periodontal disease treatment

Gum disease is not just the most common dental problem in the U.S., but the entire world! If you’re experiencing red, swollen, or tender gums, be sure to come see us. Left untreated, gum disease can lead to tooth loss! But, thanks to our team’s expertise, we can provide targeted periodontal disease treatment in our Texas City, TX dental office to get your oral health on track in practically no time.

Why Choose Stephen C. Hale, DDS for Periodontal Disease Treatment?

  • Fast & Pain-Free Laser Gum Therapy
  • Non-Invasive Gum Recession Treatment
  • Friendly, Family-Owned Dental Office

Scaling & Root Planing

Man with healthy smile after scaling and root planing

When caught early, gum disease can usually be treated using a deep cleaning, which consists of scaling and root planing. Scaling involves physically removing the tartar and bacteria accumulated below the gum line (which is causing the infection), and then the roots of the teeth are “planed,” or smoothed. This prevents harmful buildup around the gum line in the future.

Arestin Antibiotic Therapy

Woman with healthy smile after arestin antibiotic therapy

Arestin antibiotic therapy enables us to treat gum disease without having a patient take an oral antibiotic. Instead, a fine powder is applied to the gums, and over the course of several days, it slowly dissolves, bathing the tissues in a potent medicine. This attacks the infection directly, plus it shrinks the small pockets between the gums and teeth where bacteria tends to hide.