Multiple Missing Teeth in Texas City, TX
When replacing multiple missing teeth, dental implants create the most natural effect. Dental implants are comprised of three parts: the titanium implant, the abutment, and crown. The dental implant is placed in the jawbone, which eventually fuses with the dental implant creating a secure hold, similar to that of your natural teeth. The abutment serves to join the titanium with the crown. The crown is crafted to match the shape and shade of your natural teeth.

Using a Dental Implant to Support a Bridge to Correct Missing Teeth

It is possible to use dental implants to support a bridge to correct missing teeth. With a traditional bridge, the crowns or artificial teeth that have been fused together to make up the bridge are attached to the teeth surrounding the undesired space. When using dental implants for support, the dental implants anchor the bridge in place leaving your natural teeth unharmed. In effect, the abutment that joins the titanium with a single crown in the usual dental implant would serve as one of many “anchors” for a combination of crowns that make up the bridge spanning the space left by missing teeth.

Multiple dental implants for missing teeth are set and a temporary replacement is utilized in place of the bridge for the length of the healing period, usually four to six months. At that point, the dental implant and bone have integrated and the patient is able to accept the permanent bridge.

Is a Dental Implant the Right Choice to Replace My Missing Teeth?

Not everyone with missing teeth is a candidate for dental implants. Patients with advanced bone loss may require grafts to achieve the bone density required for a successful procedure. Other options may be available as a solution to missing teeth.

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