Dentures are an immediate, affordable option for replacing missing teeth. In the long term, however, dentures can lead to numerous issues concerning health, appearance, and quality of life. Dr. Stephen Hale has extensive experience in implant dentistry and placing dentures in Texas City, TX. Patients who opt for dental implants over dentures, or a hybrid option like implant supported dentures, have a much more positive experience. Implant supported dentures are a prosthetic that is secured by several dental implants. This offers both affordability and permanence.


Why Dentures May Not Be the Right Choice for You


  1. Bone health could suffer. Most patients are unaware that their tooth roots keep their bones healthy. Without a tooth root, your jaw bone begins to deteriorate. While dental implants are inserted into the jaw and stimulate the bone, much like a tooth root, dentures simply rest on the gum line. An implant supported denture would also offer improved bone protection.
  2. It might make you look older. The loss of bone in the jaw and cheeks can give the illusion that you are aging faster. Bone loss can alter the underlying facial structure, making your cheeks hollow and your chin recede.
  3. It may not be as comfortable as other options. Dentures can irritate and chafe the gums while dental implants and implant supported dentures rest on abutments, or connector pieces that may be more comfortable for you.
  4. You may experience some shifting or movement. Dentures are held in place with glue and adhesives. They are not as secure as dental implants and implant supported dentures, which are fused with your bone for a more natural, permanent hold.
  5. You may worry about them when you talk or eat. Dentures are removable and that means they can move around, if the glue or adhesive is not working properly. Implants and implant supported dentures, however, are secure and stable in your mouth and will not loosen, slip, or fall out. You will be able to confidently talk, eat, and socialize once again!

If you would like to explore your options for tooth restoration, please contact our office to schedule a consultation with Stephen Hale to discuss dentures, dental implants, or implant supported dentures in Texas City, TX.