Have you ever heard the phrase, “the mouth is the window into your body’s health”? It’s true! Your oral health can say a lot about your overall health—for good or for bad. The good news is that Dr. Stephen Hale, our dentist in Texas City, TX, can spot signs of bigger concerns by evaluating your mouth and dental health. Symptoms such as bleeding gums, dry mouth, ulcers, bad breath, and other changes to your tissues can signify that more serious systemic concerns are developing or have already developed. If you receive routine dental appointments, our dentist is trained to see these signs and symptoms, helping ensure early diagnosis and more effective treatment.


Common issues spotted at dental exams:

  • ·         High blood pressure
  • ·         Thyroid problems
  • ·         Breathing disorders
  • ·         Bruxism (teeth grinding)
  • ·         Digestive disorders
  • ·         HIV


The Link Between Oral and Overall Health

Compared to any other dental health concern, undiagnosed gum disease poses the biggest threat to oral and overall health. The chronic low-grade inflammation characterized by gum disease has been linked to an increased risk for cardiovascular issues, including heart disease and stroke. In addition, those suffering from diabetes or kidney disease are more likely to develop gum disease. Oral cancer screenings during regular dental appointments can detect signs of cancer of the skin, mouth, jaws, or thyroid. Ensuring oral health is on track is a simple and effective way to help lower the risk for other systemic concerns. It also is one of the best ways our dentist can make sure you are not suffering from serious problems that can damage your oral and overall health.


What Can You Do?

Our dentist in Texas City, TX recommends that you visit us at least twice a year for oral examinations and dental health check-ups. This is the best way for our dentist to spot health concerns by examining your soft tissue and teeth. Schedule your appointment with us today!